Watermelon Mojito by Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete

Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete has played with the flavors in this amazing mojito with watermelon and cucumber. The characteristic flavor and aroma makes us think about sunny nights at the terrace in good company. And it is so easy to make!

We all know the classic mojito with rum, mint, lime and sugar - a popular cocktail that the most of us like to drink. With this recipe you get a delicious mojito with a twist. It is a pretty cocktail and we guarantee that it will make your guests very pleased.

We recommend to add our Mojito Lollipop, Spicy Cosmopolitan Slikkepind or Champagne Cocktail Slikkepind as garnish - it will add more flavor to the cocktail. The watermelon adds a sweet and fresh flavor and the color gives the cocktail a festive look.

Vandmelon Mojito

Photo: Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete

The recipe comes here:

2 fl oz light rum

1/2 lime in wedges



Club soda

1 Mojito Cocktail lollipop

How to make a Watermelon Mojito

Add lime and rum in a chilled glass and give it a gentle muddle.

Add ice and blended watermelon.

Top with club soda.

Garnish the cocktail with cucumber, mint and a Mojito Cocktail lollipop

Serve the drink in a balloon glass or a highball glass.

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