The Punchy By Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete

Once again the creative @cocktailpete has created a new cocktail. The Punchy is a Tiki inspired cocktail with rum. A lovely cocktail that fits every occasion.

The punchy is a delicious cocktail with a fresh taste. This mixed drink is well-balanced and your guests will absolutely love it. An exotic cocktail that makes you think about summer, palms and white beaches. We definitely adore it and we recommend that you lean back, relax and enjoy the cocktail. Spice it up with a Pina Colada Cocktail Lollipop.

The punchy drink

Photo: Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete

The recipe comes here:

1,5 fl oz dark rum

0,8 fl oz cointreau

0,8 fl oz fresh organic lime juice

0,3 fl oz grenadine

0,3 fl oz pineapple syrup

A dash of angostura bitter

1 Pina Colada Cocktail Lollipop

Add all the ingredients to a bamboo shaker and fill with crushed ice. Give it a good shake. Remove the lid and serve the cocktail directly in the bamboo shaker. Top with crushed ice, pineapple, a sprig of mint, a bamboo straw and a Pina Colada Lollipop.

In case you don't have a bamboo shaker at home, the cocktail can also be served in a high ball glass or a whiskey glass. The bamboo shaker just makes it look more exotic and Tiki inspired. The fresh flavors will save you after a long week.

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