Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete made this eye catching layered cocktail with colors which simply are irresistable. You nearly do not dare to destroy it.

The peacher is a gin and tonic with extra shot of fruits and herbs.

If you want to impress your friends whenever they come over for dinner or why not see who of you can create the most layers?

Photo: Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete

The recipe comes here:

40 ml Gin

10 ml Peach Liqueur

10 ml Yellow Chartreuse

Top med Tonic

1 Hot Peach Rhapsody lollipop (or other)

Build the drink directly in a cold glas. Add liqueur and chartreuse. Stir well. Add ice. Top with tonic and then add gin.

Decorate with our Hot Peach Rhapsody lollipop, Gin Hass or our Gin Fizz Flower lollipop, and top with a flower.

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