Rum and coffee? Yes please! Peter Povlsen @cocktailpete has made this recipe with the taste of delicious coffee. The cocktail has a spicy rum base, and a nice taste of coffee liqueur and freshly brewed espresso. It all goes up in a higher unit by adding falernum.

The cocktail is served in funky tiki style along with an Espresso Martini lollipop, that compliments the taste really well.

Photo: Peter Povlsen

The recipe comes here:

1 Espresso Martini or Coffee Dipper your choice

35 ml spicy rum

25 ml freshly brewed espresso

15 ml coffee liqueur

10 ml falernum

Put all the ingredients in a shaker and fill it up with cruched ice. Give it a good shake. Pour it into a cooled glass with more crushed ice. Decorate the cocktail with dehydrated pinapples and mint and of course one of our delicious Coffee Dippers or a Espresso Martini. You can choose between Lumumba Coffee Dipper, Cognac Toffee Coffee Dipper or Irish Coffee Coffee Dipper.

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