Julie has developed a delicious, fruity and summery drink that can be made both with and without alcohol, so it can be drunk for both the summer party and a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

Sommerlig drink

Photo: Betina Hastoft

The recipe is for approx. 6 glasses:

1 ½ dl raspberry syrup e.g. from Cervera

8 dl Sparkling water or tonic

6- 12 Jolly-Fox lollipops

Maybe 1,2 dl Vodka

Put a lollipop in the drink.

Distribute syrup, vodka and lollipops in the glasses and top with sparkling water

TIP: You can vary the taste of the syrup to suit your Jolly-Fox lollipops.

It looks festive and adds just that extra to the drink. You can now enjoy a summery drink that you wont forget.

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