On the occasion of the sweet Christmas time and the many Christmas events that belong to Christmas, Julie Hey has made a sweet and spicy Christmas schnapps, where our Choc N Orange Christmas lollipops have been used for the recipe for her delicious Christmas schnapps in @soendagdk.

Photo: Betina Hastoft

The recipe comes here:

2 Cocktail lollipops with Christmas spices (Choc N Orange, White Gløgg Sparkle or Gingerbread White Russian)

0.5 liter Clear Schnapps (preferably Aalborg Basis, which has a practical wide lid)

¼ Organic Orange

1 Star anise

10 Whole Carnations

5 whole Allspice

1 tbsp. Pickled ginger

Put the lollipops in the schnapps. Add orange peel, spices and ginger and put on the lid. Let it soak in a dark and cool place for at least a week. Serve the schnapps cool at 15-18 degrees and preferably with a lollipop in the bottle or glasses. Enjoy!

The taste gets more round with Choc N Orange and more Christmassy and spicy with Gingerbread White Russian or White Gløgg Sparkle. Try also the delicious white gløgg with lollipop or Reindeer Rudolf both delicious Christmas drinks.

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