Vi har været så heldige, at Morten Krag igen har skabt en lækker drink med vores cocktail-slikkepinde. Denne gang er vores slikkepinde brugt til en helt særlig juleudgave af en G&T baseret på Elg Gin Merry Christmas og Ohh Deer tonic!

He has created the perfect match by combining a Christmas, organic, classic Danish Tonic and a tonic infused tea bag - and last but not least, he has topped the cocktail with our Choc N Orange Christmas lollipops, which fit perfectly with the cocktail and the whole Christmas theme.

If you love gin and tonic and you need a very special version here during the sweet Christmas season, then this can definitely be recommended!

Photo: Morten Krag

The recipe comes here:

5 cl Merry Christmas Gin

10-12 cl Indian Tonic

1 Orange Tonic Tea infusion tea bag

Lad gin og teposen hvile i 2-3 minutter. Tilføj masser af is. Top med tonic. Pynt med Jolly-Fox Choc & Orange slikkepind og nyd den!

Outside of the sweet Christmas season - make the same cocktail with a regular Gin and garnish with Gin Hass, Mojito or Spicy Cosmopolitan instead. It tastes heavenly too!

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