POPPING THE LOLLIES by Morten Krag @thecocktail.blog

Morten Krag has again developed a super delicious cocktail that goes well with our cocktail-based lollipops! A gin based cocktail with some delicious twists.

A cocktail based on the best of all worlds: Gin, rum, port and cocktail lollipops - what’s not to like.

With a need for a complex sweetness and a touch of citrus and juniper, Morten also recommends his Popping for Lollies cocktail accompanied by a cocktail lollipop to eat in between sips.

If you are having a company party, party with your good friends or another event, then this cocktail together with our cocktail-based lollipops is just right for you who want to explore some new sensory impressions!

Photo: Morten Krag @thecocktail.blog

The recipe comes here:


3 cl White Port Wine
2.5 cl Dark Rum
1.5 cl Gin
1 Sprinkle Lemon Bitter
1 Sprinkle Aromatic Bitter

Stir the ingredients together with lots of love, patience and ice. Filter the cocktail over a large ice cube in a chilled glass. Garnish with a cocktail lollipop and enjoy the drink. Bon appetite!

Sweet cocktail lollipops like Strawberry Daiquiri, Champagne and aromatic lollipops like Spicy Cosmopolitan or Gin Hass fits bette with this cocktail.

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