Rikke Fellov Jolly-Fox

We have started Jolly-Fox with a vision to change the paradigm for lollipops – nothing less!

We want to change the common perception of the lollipop and break the boundaries for its use. Our ambition is to make lollipops that surprise both in taste, character and appearance in order to appeal to adults.

A delicate sweet treat that we care about. The lollipops are handmade, primarily organic and we only use natural aromas and colours as well as no preservatives or other unnecessary additives.

And pretty much everyone can eat them. They are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and non-alcoholic!

The taste is a whole experience in itself. We experiment a lot and use for instance fresh herbs and spices in the lollipops, so that the lollipop gets "character" and aroma, and is not just a piece of sugar on a stick that tastes good. The lollipops can do much more.

We are ambitious on behalf of the lollipop. We think it deserves it! At the same time, we would also really like to take care of our planet! You can read much more about Jolly-Fox and how we think sustainability into all of our processes here.

The sweetest greetings from Jolly-Fox
Rikke Fellov