JOLLY ROCK 75 by Morten Krag

Morten Krag har igen udviklet en super lækker cocktail, Jolly Rock 75, der passer godt til vores cocktail-baserede slikkepinde! En gin baseret cocktail med nogle lækre twists.

In connection with his cocktail, he has again used our lollipops. Here’s what he says about our lollipops in connection with his cocktail:

“Cocktail-based lollipops !!! These handmade lollipops, made on only natural colors, herbs, minerals and aromas, will definitely blow your sweet mind ”

If you want to have a party with your good friends, then this cocktail together with our cocktail-based lollipops is just right for you who want to explore some new sensory impressions!

Jolly rock 75 cocktail
Photo: Morten Krag

The recipe comes here:

4,5 cl Gin

2.5 cl Freshly squeezed, Organic Lemon Juice

1.5 cl Ginger and Chamomile Syrup

Top it off with Crystal Elixir non-alcoholic beverage

Shake it all, except the drink, with lots of ice. Filter the cocktail in a chilled glass filled with ice. Top it off with the drink. Decorate the cocktail and enjoy it!

Mojito, Gin Hass, Champagne or Ginger Ale Passion the cocktail sticks will go very well with this cocktail.

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