Are you just as crazy about the Gin Hass cocktail as we are? Whether you have tried the cocktail or not, we think you should try this delicious ice cream! Camilla Pejdal has made this recipe, which is based on the cocktail, and it tastes heavenly!

Camilla has refrained from using the mango, which is otherwise found in a Gin Hass, and instead used a Gin Hass Cocktail lollipop. as a sprinkle. However, should you miss the mango, you can always add a mango puree.

The best thing about this recipe is that it requires no ice cream maker nor that you have to stir it every hour in the freezer. The ice cream just needs to take care of itself until it is completely frozen. So smart!

Photo: Camilla Pejdal

The recipe is for aprox. 6-8 persons:

500 ml cream
300 g condensed milk
5-6 g rosemary needles, from fresh twigs.
1 tablespoon Sugar.
Zest from 1 eco. Lime, finely chopped.
Decoration/Topping: Crushed Gin Hass Cocktail lollipop., fresh rosemary sprig & lime slice. A Gin Hass lollipop as an edible spoon.

Start by getting whipped cream and condensed milk in a bowl. Whisk it to a firm foam with an electric whisk until it gets a whipped creamy consistency. Put rosemary and sugar in a mini chopper, run it until the rosemary has become completely fine - a mortar can also be used. Sift the sugar mixture into the whipped cream. Now get finely grated lime peel in it and turn it all well together. Now pour the mass into a frost-proof container. Let the ice cream freeze for at least 8 hours or until it is completely frozen. Take the ice cream out 20 minutes before serving. Make balls of ice in a fine cocktail glass and sprinkle with crushed Gin Hass Cocktail lollipop.Eat the ice cream with a Gin Hass Lollipop

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