Who does not love a good Gin & Lime? When friends passes by for a drink or as a nice finale on a long day at work. It goes with anything!

However, this does not mean that a classic like this can not be spiced up a little and this is where our cocktail lollipops come into the picture. Try with a Gin Hass, Gin Fizz Flower, or a fresh Ginger Ale Passion Cocktail lollipop. Use it as a stiring stick in the drink and get both the drink and the sweet taste at the same time, or enjoy it along side as a sweet treat. It soices up any classic!

Gin Gimlet

The recipe comes here:

6 cl Gin

4 cl Lime Syrup (See recipe here or use Rose's Lime)

1 Gin Hass Cocktail lollipop

Put gin, lime syrup and ice cubes in a shaker and shake well. Pour the mix through a sieve down in a cooled glass and serve with a slice of lime and a cocktail lollipop.

Lime syrup (for 4 drinks):

– 5 lime, 1 dl lime juice from this

– 0,50 dl sugar

– 0,50 dl water

Put water and sugar in a pot and boil until the sugar is desolved. Let it cool off and then add and mix the lime juice.

Lime syrup can be preserved for 1-2 months in the refrigerator.

For more recipes on drinks or desserts in connection with our cocktail lollipops please see Blog and Recipes. For example we have a recipe for a Pina Colada Bowl, a Pink Pitaya Dalonga Coffee and the cocktail The Danish Duo..

Need inspiration?

We have gathered some recommendations for lollipops in our gallery. Find inspiration and we are ready to help and advise you on how a lollipop will fit you best.

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