Are you looking for alternative ways to draw the attention of your customers, partners and employees? Below you will find examples of how you can use the lollipops in your company.

We are trained in strategy and marketing and we are very happy to discuss with you how you use the lollipops strategically, in terms of communication and marketing. How they can create the right signals for customers, employees and business partners. The lollipops can, for example, be used to incorporate new values ​​into the organisation, at product launches and other branding activities. Or simply to communicate a message that you want your customers or employees to remember in the future.

In addition, our beautiful boxes are an imaginative alternative to a bottle of wine or another box of chocolate. When you want to say thank you for the effort, cooperation or something third. They also fit well in a gift basket as part of the corporate gift. The cocktail lollipops are also great for corporate events and meetings. See the Events & Meetings tab here for inspiration on how you can use cocktail lollipops for your next corporate event.

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Cocktail slikkepinde gaveæske
Cocktail slikkepinde til messen
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Cocktail slikkepinde til receptionen
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Create something special

The lollipops can be customized in both flavor, colors and decoration. Furthermore, it is also possible to personalize the lollipops with logo, text and photos.

Our lollipops should be beautiful, festive and well tasting but also natural and as sustainable as possible. Therefore, they are exclusively based on natural ingredients, aromas and coloring, the stick contains no preservatives and is made of sustainable Birch tree.

In addition, all our cocktail lollipops are vegan, free of lactose, gluten free and non-alcoholic - so everyone can participate.

Only the imagination limits the possibilities for the use of the lollipops. At Jolly-Fox we are happy to help you with advice and our experience from the business.

Create a recurring theme which the customer senses and finish off with a marketing initative which will be remembered - and when it's time to eat the lollipop or use it in a drink. We believe that design, taste and quality creates experiences to remember.

Read more about the possibilities of making your own customized lollipops here  and get inspiration as to how they could look here.

Cocktail slikkepinde Jolly-Fox


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