Dalgona Coffee Dipping by Helena Pedersen @miss.mulberry

Have you tried Dalonga Coffee Dipping? It is a super delicious coffee with Dipper - based on a whipped coffee foam poured over milk (and possibly ice cream) served with a Coffee Dipper.

It is delicious both as an iced coffee and hot coffee.

So if you should treat yourself a little one afternoon or serve a cup of coffee with a little extra to friends and family, then this coffee is super delicious.

Photo: Helena Pedersen

The recipe for a cup of Dalgona Coffee Dipping comes here:

Coffee foam:

2 tablespoons instant coffee

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons boiling water

The ingredients are whipped together with a hand mixer or a whisk. The ingredients should be whipped together until they form a creamy firm foam.

Iced coffee: Put ice cubes in a glass, fill the glass with about ¾ vanilla soy milk (or your favorite milk) and add the coffee foam.

Hot coffee: Heat the milk, fill the glass with about ¾ milk and add the coffee foam.

Eat your coffee with your favorite Coffee Dipper. Bon appetite!

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