Jolly-Fox CSR policy

We at Jolly-Fox do indeed want to be responsible and protect both the climate and the people living in it and thereby contribute to realizing the Strategic Development Goals of UN. This is why we consider sustainability in all our processes. This goes for both marketing, purchasing, production, ingredients and packaging material. In the following you can read more about our CSR policy.

Nordic Ecolabel on all marketing materials

We would very much like to help taking care of our climate. Therefore all our marketing materials are printed at a Nordic Ecolabled printing house. Here they use only environmentally friendly paper, vegan colors and green energy. They reuse printed materials, minimize garbage and take the chemical working environment into account and we CO2 compensate for everything they produce for us. If you would like to find out more about what it means when we say all our marketing materials are produced at a Nordic Ecolabled printing house and how we contribute positively to the environment you can read more

Environmentally friendly packaging and sticks

Our lollipop sticks are made of FSC certified Birch tree and the plastic in our wrapping is made from the least poluting and most reusable type of plastic, PP. The card board our boxes are made of is FSC certified and reusable. This also goes for all our other shipping and packaging materials. Being FSC certified means that it can be used with a good conscience. This because, in an FSC forrest they never cut down more trees than the forrest can reproduce. At the same time FSC is a guarantee that animals and plants are protected and that the people working in the forrest are educated and provided with proper safety gear and wages. This we would very much like to support. You can read more about what it means when we say we use FSC certified materials here.

We also reuse as many boxes and wrappings from suppliers as possible thereby reducing our use of resources and their impact on the environment.

CO2 Neutral

We want to be CO2 neutral and CO2 neutralize directly at our supplier where we can, eg. when buying and printing marketing material etc. Furthermore, we support CO2 neutralizing projects in the shape of tree planting. Currently we focus on planting trees in Australia and Amazonas.

We buy Danish/local

Whenever possible we buy Danish/locally both with regards to raw materials and purchasing in general.

Sustainable production and reduction of waste

At Jolly-Fox all our lollipops are handmade and the only use of energy is the gas from the stove. We strive to make to orders as much as possible and we only keep a limited stock. This way we avoid waste so that we do not have to throw out products because of durability limitations and this also means that all our lollipops are super fresh when delivered to the customers.

Natural colors and aromas in the lollipops

Jolly-Fox only use natural ingredients - aromas, colours, spices and herbs when producing our handmade lollipops and they are organic where possible. They contain no preservatives or other unnecessary additives. For example, we use turmeric, beetroot and caramel for colouring the lollipops. Furthermore, the lollipops are both vegan, lactose free, gluten free and non-alcoholic.

If you have questions related to our CSR policy please feel free to contact us. You might also just be curious to find out more about Jolly-Fox in general. In that case you can read more about our company here.


Do you have any questions or comments related to our CSR policy?

If you have any questions or comments related to our CSR policy please feel free to contact us.