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Our blog gives you an insight into what our Cocktail lollipops and Dippers can be used for.

Our Cocktail lollipops and Dippers taste great by themselves, but they also taste great as a stirrer in a drink. Our Dippers are perfect as a stirrer in a hot cup of coffee, cocoa or tea. Our Cocktails lollipops and Dippers can also be used as accessories and decorations for desserts, ice cream and cakes etc.

  In our blog we have gathered inspiration for delicious recipes for cocktails and desserts that go very well with our Cocktails lollipops and Dippers. You will find pictures of what the finished result looks like and we have summarized the procedure, so that you can easily embark on trying it out.

We love sharing the delicious recipes that our Cocktail lollipops are used for. This way you also have the opportunity to have a great experience with our lollipops, whether for a festive event or in everyday life. You can as an example find a recipe for a Lolligroni. This you might use for a happy occasion. This Lolligroni cocktail contains our Choc N Orange cocktail lollipops. Or you can find a recipe for a White Gløgg for the sweet Christmas season. In the White Gløgg, our White Gløgg Sparkle cocktail lollipop are used. You can also choose to go on an adventure and find a completely different cocktail on our blog!

If you would like some inspiration on what our lollipop can be used for in addition to being used as part of the recipe for cocktails and desserts, then check out our inspiration gallery here. here.

Anyone can join! We hope you find a recipe you can use in our blog.

White Gløgg with lollipop

Hvid gløgg med slikkepind

Dalgona Coffee Dipping

Dalgona coffee opskrift

Popping the Lollies

Popping the lollies cocktail med slikkepind

Reindeer Rudolf

Reindeer Rudolph cocktail med slikkepind

Jolly Rock 75

Jolly Rock 75 cocktail med slikkepind


Lolligroni cocktail med slikkepind

Riise Lollies

Riise Lollies cocktail med slikkepind

Drinks on sticks

Drinks med slikkepinde