RIISE LOLLIES by Morten Krag @thecocktail.blog

Lollipops in cocktails - Yes please. Especially when it comes to lollipops designed specifically for cocktails. As with any other garnish, it is important to choose a lollipop that compliments the cocktail.

Morten has developed a delicious cocktail that fits especially well with our Hot Peach Rhapsody cocktail lollipop. A rum and negroni based cocktail with some delicious twists.

As is the case with so many other classic cocktails it is a great standard to use when you want to explore some new feelings and impressions.

Photo: Morten Krag @thecocktail.blog

The recipe comes here:

3 cl Rum

3 cl Coffee infused Campari

3 cl Red Vermouth

1,5 cl Tonic Syrup

1.5 cl Pineapple Fresco Kombucha

3-4 drops Vanilla Bitter

Stir (or shake) with lots of ice. Filter the cocktail in a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a Hot Peach Rhapsody cocktail lollipop and use it as a stirrer - Enjoy!

Need inspiration?

We have gathered some recommendations for lollipops in our gallery. Find inspiration and we are ready to help and advise you on how a lollipop will fit you best.

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